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Like the last page of your favorite book, selling your home can be bittersweet. But there’s no time for nostalgia because you’ve got a lot to think about: attracting the right buyers, locking down the best deal, and, ugh, moving. 

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Staging your home to sell fast.

Helping buyers to fall in love with your property takes more than running the vacuum and fluffing the pillows. It is all about decluttering, repairing, updating, and depersonalizing so buyers can see themselves living in the space. Staging your home will help you to stand out from the crowd and make your home memorable. Keeping your house clean is important in every sale. First-timers are often selling smaller houses, and clutter can mean the difference between cozy and cramped. Clearing the clutter is important, box up non-essentials and put them in storage or relocate them to the garage. Kitchen and bathroom countertops are another area that many sellers forget to clear and manage during the listing. While this organized chaos may represent your normal routine it makes your house seem messy, disorganized and uninviting to buyers. Follow the advice of a qualified Realtor to help uncover opportunities that may not seem obvious to you when considering what to remove in your home.

The truth about price.

The truth is that your house is only worth what buyers are willing to pay and what the market allows. No more. It is totally based on supply and demand. Fortunately for you today's supply is low meaning sellers can expect maximum sales prices and oftentimes multiple offers for their listed homes. Beware of any Agent who promises big profits as that person may just be after your business. Walk away from any Agent who doesn’t use comps. (Comps = comparable real estate that has been listed and sold in your immediate area). And study sales prices, not asking or listing prices, no one cares what the list price is only the sold price.

Most buyers are lazy.

The last thing a new homeowner wants is a long list of stuff to do before they can even move in. Getting your home move-in ready before it hits the market so the buyer can easily start fresh will put you miles head of the competition. Walk through your house as a buyer and have some friends do the same, make a list of repairs and replacements that would need to be done if they were buying the home. First-time sellers are likely selling smaller, starter homes which are popular with first-time buyers and empty nesters. Keep that in mind when preparing your home, keep the buyer's move-in to-do list short.

Remember this important fact - Your largest number of showings will occur in the first two to three weeks.

Why? The systems we use (MLS or multiple listing services) and the internet tend to drive the majority of showings, and since many buyers are searching from their phones and computers the minute something new pops up that meets their criteria, they want to see it. Take advantage of that sweet spot by staging and pricing the house competitively right out of the gate and making sure it is in tip-top shape from day one.

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